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Team Xbox-Linux at 22C3

Video of the presentation by the Xbox-Linux Team at the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress in December 2005. There's a full presentation of the Xbox security (both software and hardware: the '17 mistakes' by Microsoft) and some early look into the Xbox 360 secutiry.

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The Xbox 360 Security System and its Weaknesses 

 Google Tech Talks August 11, 2008 ABSTRACT After the disaster of the original Xbox, Microsoft put a lot of effort in designing what is probably the most sophisticated consumer hardware security system to date. We present its design, its implementation, its weaknesses, how it was hacked, and how to do it better next time. Speaker: Michael Steil Michael Steil has been involved with various embedded systems hacking projects, like the Xbox, the Xbox 360 and the GameCube. In 2006, he has spoken at Google about the flaws in the security system of the original Xbox. Speaker: Felix Domke Felix Domke is the principal author of the Xbox 360 hack and the Linux port. He has also significantly contributed to hacking the dbox2, the GameCube and the Wii, and porting Linux to the respective platforms.

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Deconstructing The Xbox Security System

Google Tech Talks December 1, 2006 ABSTRACT In late 2001, Microsoft released the Xbox, their first gaming console, to compete against Sony and Nintendo in the living room. As the real money is made with the games and not the consoles, Microsoft had to make sure (as much as they could) that nobody could play pirated games or use the machine for anything other than games. Although the original security design idea was a good one and has been copied a lot since then, Microsoft's inexperienced team made a variety of design, implementation, and policy mistakes. This talk first (re)constructs the design of the Xbox security system from Microsoft's point of view, and then deconstructs it from the hacker's point of view. As a bonus, the talk will feature some insights in the security system of the Xbox successor, the Xbox 360. Michael Steil is the founder and maintainer of the Xbox-Linux Project. He oversaw most of the Xbox hacks and also contributed to hacking, reverse engineering and porting Linux on the Xbox

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Team Xbox-Linux at 19C3

Video of the presentation by the Xbox-Linux team at the 19th Chaos Communication Congress in December 2002. Brings you back to the early days of Xbox Hacking.

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